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Coach Selection Policy


All coaches should be familiar with the rules and regulations as set out by Archdiocese of Detroit CYO. Each level of competition requires different degrees of instruction, compassion, and understanding. A sports program should be viewed as an educational experience for children, a learning period in their lives to guide them as they grow.


Final coach selections will be approved by the athletic director and based on a recommended list submitted by the Seasonal Coordinator for the sport. The recommended coach list will be made according to the criterion as follow:


  1. Knowledge of the sport fundamentals and rules.
  2. Coaching experience.
  3. Ability to communicate and interact positively with children.
  4. Time availability and dependability.
  5. Ability to communicate positively with parents.
  6. Fairness to all children and the program.
  7. Ability to follow rules.
  8. Post season parent survey response.


While we appreciate the time commitment a coach invests, there is no guarantee that a coach will be selected to coach the following year based on the previous year’s coaching. The above criteria will determine coach selection from year to year.


The coach has the greatest responsibility as well as the greatest opportunity to guide and influence the student athlete. Coaches assume the role of teachers, mentor, and minister to the athletes in their charge. A coach’s attitude and spirituality are critical to modeling good Christian faith-based sportsmanship, both in word and deed. The careful selection of coaches is vital if the athletic program is to reflect the mission and philosophy of the school’s interscholastic athletic program.


Criteria for the selection of coaches must include:


  • The ability to model Catholic values
  • The ability to articulate and model the school’s mission and philosophy and goals of the program
  • The understanding of the basics of the sport to be coached
  • The ability to develop the potential, confidence, and skills of each athlete
  • The ability to separate winning from the important goals and values of the program