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Responsibilities/Expectations of Student Athletes

The following expectations and responsibilities are required of all student athletes:

Maintain a solid academic and behavioral record in and out of season

Participating in an athletic program is a privilege, not a right. Athletes must be held to

personal, academic, and behavior standards. Students who choose to participate in the school’s athletic program are representing All Saints at all times. They must act in a manner that reflects favorably upon the school and on themselves. This expectation is not limited to the sports arena, but should also be evident at school, in the community, and at other schools before, during, and after the games.

Attend school the day of a game and/or practice

An athlete who was absent from school due to illness is not allowed to attend practice or play in a game on that given day. Absence from school on a Friday should not affect Saturday participation if the athlete has recovered sufficiently to play.

Attend and be on time for regularly scheduled practices

Athletes are expected to be present and on time for all practices and games. Not attending practices affects the entire team and detracts from the sense of teamwork that the coaches are striving to achieve. Missing practices will impact playing time.

Display Respect for Teammates, Opponents, Coaches, & Officials

Student-athletes must be respectful at all times towards their teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials. All student-athletes must also respect the spectators and fans. Athletes are expected to show good sportsmanship, play by the rules, and gracefully handle winning and losing. Losing self-control, using inappropriate gestures, verbalizing foul or abusive language, arguing a referee’s call or a coach’s decision, or displaying other signs of disrespect are reasons for disciplinary action.

Academic Requirements

The following academic requirements must be met in order for a student to participate on any

All Saints team.

  • All students participating on an All Saints team must maintain an academic “C” average (with no failing classes 62%) in the core educational subjects. The 7 core classes are: religion, math, social studies, science, English, reading, and spelling.
  • Academic grades are automatically reviewed by the All Saints Administration. To maintain each student’s confidentiality, only the All Saints Administration and teachers have access to students’ grades.
  • Any student who does not maintain an academic “C” average in the core educational subjects will be placed on academic probation and parents and coaches will be notified.
  • The school will determine the probation period and plan based on academic needs and length left in season.

Behavior Requirements

The following behavior/conduct requirements must be met in order for a student to participate

on any All Saints team:

  • Have no more than 2 behaviorally related conduct demerits during the winter season
  • Not have been issued a recess or after school detention during the winter season
  • Have no less than a 3 in conduct during the winter season

Student-Athlete Code of Ethics

All student-athletes are expected to exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Play the game for the game’s sake
  • Be generous in winning and graceful in losing
  • Display good sportsmanship and respect towards all opponents
  • Work for the good of the team
  • Accept the decisions of the officials gracefully
  • Conduct yourself at all times with honor and dignity. This includes during and after school, games, practices, and trips to other schools and facilities
  • Recognize, applaud, and encourage the efforts of your teammates and opponents
  • Show respect for your coaches
  • Show respect towards fans and personnel from other schools